The Adolph Law Group PLLC

Robert Adolph
Robert J. Adolph

Robert J. Adolph is the founder and owner of The Adolph Law Group PLLC.  Mr. Adolph is dedicated to achieving successful and innovative solutions to difficult legal problems. Mr. Adolph has over 40 years of complex business litigation experience in courts in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California and Montana and has often represented international clients from Asia and Europe.

Mr. Adolph’s firm offers creative, success-oriented services that are competitively priced. The goal is to solve our clients’ legal problems as expeditiously as possible. Mr. Adolph frequently provides advice and analysis on case management strategy to clients and other law firms, including monitoring on-going litigation.  Mr. Adolph often forms and manages strategic alliances with other law firms and lawyers for effective representation in any geographic area. The Adolph Law Group will choose allied law firms, associates and contract lawyers specifically for the needs of a particular engagement.

Mr. Adolph also offers opinions as an expert witness on engagements in civil and commercial professional negligence cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. He has proffered opinions as to the standard of care of lawyers in the State of Washington in a broad range of issues.